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Zoltar Corporate Events


Bring Zoltar to the party!

This classic nostalgic game will add novelty to any event. It is a fun and great traffic builder for a party or trade show.

During play Zoltar moves his eyes, head goes up and down, his hand side to side and mouth just like speaking to you. 

Customize Zoltar

Zoltar fortune teller machine can be customized with your company logo or theme.

Zoltar - the ultimate party guest makes all your wishes come true!

Zoltar would be happy to be MC at your wedding!

Unique Personal Messages

Zoltar can be equipped with a cordless microphone to further enhance the experience.* 

Zoltar  fortune teller machine dispenses a unique fortune card after every play. The fortune cards can be customized with your unique personal messages*.

Zoltar Speaks


*At special events.

ZoltarFortune Teller Machine at Wedding

Zoltar at event


"Surrender to me your treasure and let me tell you more..."

Zoltar the Great Gypsy


Zoltar in Use

ZoltarFortune Teller Machine at Wedding

Zoltar wedding day

Zoltar showing crystal ball

Zoltar with crystal ball

Zoltar Fortune teller machine from front

Zoltar attraction

fortune teller machine with customers from side

Zoltar the great gypsy

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