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Zoltar BIG movie


Zoltar Fortune teller machine as featured in BIG.

The Zoltar fortune teller machine caused a huge resurgence in popularity when it featured in the 1988 movie BIG with Tom Hanks.

In the film, Josh Baskin (Tom Hanks) uses the machine's magic to grant his wish to be 'BIG' after being humiliated in front of a girl he likes.

Zoltar helps Josh in his quest and Josh wakes up the next morning, still a twelve year old in mind but a thirty year old in body. Josh now needs to make his way as an adult and gets a job at a toy makers. He does well in the job as he knows what kids want in a toy and is quickly promoted to a senior position. Success leads to romance which, due to his inexperience he is not able to cope with.

Zoltar with Tom Hanks in "BIG".

Zoltar machine success

Wishing to be small again, Josh eventually finds Zoltar the fortune teller and is safely returned home leaving his desire to grow up too quickly behind him.

The success of the film helped Zoltar gain huge popularity, taking his new found fame to trade shows, stores and attractions.

ZoltarFortune Teller Machine at Wedding

Zoltar machine in Big


"Go on, have fun and surrender more cash for more wisdom from the Great Zoltar"

Zoltar the Great


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